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"This move has been brought about by the perceived interest in narrower running bowls and increased cases of deliberate doctoring of bowls seen in some areas of the world, and therefore the demands for action to protect the sport will not be ignored by World Bowls." The standardisation of the test tables, and hence the introduction of the new Working Reference Bowl, brings this sharply into focus for national authorities to urgently reconsider their position and take positive action according to reintroduce testing and re-stamping.

All those bowls manufactured after April 1st 2002 will bear the new World Bowls stamp, which replaces the World Bowls Board stamp introduced in 1993, and bowls with a current expiry date 2009 or less will be deemed not to have a current valid stamp at World Bowls controlled events.

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Decoration includes Celtic scroll-work to the front lower panel. Built on a Tabbert chassis, this rubber-tyred steel trailer was designed to be pulled by a van or large car.

This waggon required the old artwork being removed and then complete redecoration. Bowtop Window and door style, on original base with new top built 2 years ago. Traditionally decorated by Sarah Farr, it was sold on to a family in Hertfordshire who use it for woodland skills courses. Reading Ledge Waggon Made from scratch in a modern workshop.