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Selecting and Setting Up the Camera Check the Internet quality at your church before buying a camera as you may need to upgrade your Internet plan.

(See below for more details on which type of Internet quality you may need.) Luckily, we didn’t have to upgrade ours since our speed with our cable Internet was perfect for our needs.

You can be anywhere in the world and still keep a live eye (or technological eye) on the things and spaces that are most valuable to you.

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We don’t have the budget to buy expensive cameras, and we don’t have the space to put up tripods.You're vacationing in Paris for a month, but you can't completely enjoy yourself knowing your home is empty and not being watched. Your house and your livelihood are at stake while you're supposed to be having fun, and you want to make sure all is well.And, you've placed your best manager in charge of keeping your business locked up at night, but she's just a manager and not you. Spy Cameras that can be monitored remotely allow you to watch what's going on at home and business while you're gone. These Spy Cameras offer live streamed video (and sometimes audio) footage of your office, retail store, or residence - directly to your cell phone or laptop as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.You need to have a mixer board where different camera angles are streamed, and a streaming service that can handle your load.Since we didn’t have the money to do it “right,” as noted above, I decided to use one stationary camera, a streaming service, and no mixing board.