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Following games and tools are new on this homepage: Antarta, Argos, Bergbert 3, Bonkey Kong, Crazy Music, Desert Fox, DFÜ-Adventure (DFUE-Adventure), Dirty, Federation, Fire Breath, Fire to Jump, Firefighter Jenny, Fort Django, Frogger Arcade, Genius, Goblin, Granny Teeth, Merlins Great Giana-Sisters Construction-Set, Pacman (FBS), Pacman II (FBS), Quick Draw Mc Graw, Wild West Games Basic and Wizards Dominion.

Animation of the month February 2017 is from the fantastic computer-historic classical and early platformer arcade game Donkey Kong (Atarisoft) (written by: Camailleon) provided by Werner from the year 1983.

Lincoln, Ana Ng (Single), Then: The Earlier Years, Selections From Then, Direct From Brooklyn, Best Of The Early Years, Dial-A-Song: 20 Years Of They Might Be Giants, A User's Guide To They Might Be Giants: Melody, Fidelity, Quantity 1964 World's Fair, Age, Backwards, Cities, Everything, Fade Out, Geography, In Back, Kingdom Of Loathing Reference, Loneliness, Love, Numbers, Onomatopoeia, Oxymorons, Paradoxes, And Contradictory Statements, People (Imaginary), Places (Real), Non-John Vocals, Questions, Real Estate, Recursion, References To Other Songs Or Musicians, Size, Talking, Not Singing, Telecommunication, Temperature, This Town, Tongue-Twisters, Trade Names, Transportation, Upside Down, Water, Weather You must be logged in to rate this.

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Following games and tools are new on this homepage: 1917, Agent-Test, Antarctica, Attack of the Mutant Cabbages, Awakening, Baker Street Detective, Bonkey Kong, Breakaway, C64 2016 4K Games Collection, Color Code (ACW), Color Code (Input 64, Croll Ship, Dog, Dropout, Dropout 64, Mission Odessa, Scout, Sentinel (Loadstar), Sentinel (Street Games), Stareggs, The Baker Street Kids - A Week that changed the World, Van Diemens Land, Wasser - Water, Wasser der Ewigkeit, Wassermann, Wells Fargo, West Indies, Bootleg Bandits, Builder Ben, C5 Clive, Carrier-Bourne Fighter Simulation, Cluedo, Druidenschatz, Dystopia, Fantasy, Fantasy (Flatline Designs), Fantasy (SYS Public Domain), Junkyard Jalopies, Megazone, Mr.

Photo galleries are sorted by console, so clicking a picture will take you to an expanded gallery.Neil was extremely gracious and soft-spoken and he gave me his assistant’s email address.A week later, I was at a party at his house for the finale of “The Pick-Up Artist.”I asked if I could bring my best guy friend, but was told to either come alone or with a woman. So at the last minute, I invited my friend, Lauren Frances, who is more than enough woman to bring to any party. The first three guys I saw were slightly pasty, average looking guys wearing pirate hats and turbans.Following games and tools are new on this homepage: Basic Battleships, Bubble (Markt und Technik), Chiller (First Release), Delta Run, Frutty Man 64 (Rksoft 2016), Hit and Run Baseball, Neptunes Caverns - Enhanced, Pentagram v1.30 (C64, C128, Plus4), Rockit, Rollin (Atlantis), Rollin (Scand Soft), Rolling Twins, Rollingo, Velcro, Wacky Waste, Warflame, Warflame RX, Winky Blinky, Zap n Load, Zap Zone, Zatacka, Zombie Garden, Zombie Massacre and Zwob.Following games and tools are new on this homepage: Abu Simbel Profanation, Apple Cider Spider, Bigdance, Bomb Run 64, Breakout (Sausage Toes 2017), Clash of Wills, Colon, Colour Blox, Compuzzle, Donkey Kong (Oxyron 2016), Frogs (Dr Wuro Industries), GPAC Dementia Defender, Gunfright, Gunfright 128, Gunfright Plus4, Hockey 64 (Softech), Jani, Jani 2, Kill the Alien, Labman, Lets Invade, Lumberjack, Luna3, Lunar Lander, Mastermind 2017, Ninja (Softgold) and The Hunter.