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Need for long-term care services increases with age, and recent estimates suggest that the majority of older Americans will utilize long-term care services at some point in their lives.

Interested in the sexual lives of older adults, we studied life in assisted living facilities and found their rules and practices make it difficult for seniors to develop romantic relationships.

To determine whether the employer is liable, the difference between an independent contractor and an employee is to be drawn.

In order to be vicariously liable, there must be a requisite relationship between the defendant the tortfeasor, which could be examined by three tests: Control test, Organisation test and Sufficient relationship test.

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Since Hollis v Vabu [2001] 207 CLR 21, the 'sufficient relationship' test, which entails the balancing of several factors such as skill levels required in the job, pay schemes, and degree of control granted to the worker, has been favoured approach.

For an act to be considered within the course of employment, it must either be authorized or be so connected with an authorized act that it can be considered a mode, though an improper mode, of performing it.

Hollis maine free sex sizzling seniors