Itemupdating example

Setting Taxonomy Field values can be trick, specially because of the lack of documentation.

Here I show an example of how to work with the new object model for the migration of field values (Lookup fields X Taxonomy fields).

Name this column "Meeting Room" of type "Choice" and add some entries for each meeting room name.

This article will provide one way of elegantly handling this scenario with some simple configuration but then we'll take it a step further by getting under the hood of WSS and adding some validation so that a room can not be double booked.Hi folks, This week I have performed the migration of Lookup Lists and Lookup fields.So far I am really impressed by the lack of documentation and examples in how to work with Taxonomy field values.The following information helps you address issues when an environment is experiencing issues that incorrect use or scale of fine-grained permissions might have caused.You can avoid fine-grained permissions by doing the following: Because Share Point 2013 runs as websites in Internet Information Services (IIS), administrators and users depend on the accessibility features that browsers provide.