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One of the most popular requests we get here at K9 Magazine is the question: how do I become a dog trainer?

True, it's a dream job for many (to become a dog trainer) and it's absolutely the case that the dream job can live up to expectations, but it all comes with these words of caution. And for little pay, certainly in the first few years.

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When Berry caught up, he began brutally abusing the dog with his fists.

Berry was not permitted back into the K9 trials and has been placed on administrative leave with the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office. The dog was reportedly uninjured and is no longer in the care of Berry.

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1 - If you want to become a dog trainer, you need to have a talent and empathy for dogs (believe it or not, not everyone who thinks they would like to train dogs actually has these fundamental skills). So, if you think you're ready to begin the journey, here's our guide to help you on your way to becoming a dog trainer.

Jobs training dogs aren't all that common as far as career opportunities go.

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