Multiple users updating one excel spreadsheet

Whatever it is, people should just keep their hands off it!Fortunately, Excel makes it possible to prevent people from changing things.If you want to use a shared document in unshared mode, you would save the shared document using another name or path.This creates a copy of the spreadsheet that is not shared. The following conditions can apply: When a user successfully saves a shared spreadsheet, the document will be reloaded after the save command, so that the spreadsheet shows the latest version of all changes that got saved by all users.I can review a file "live" with others who are in different locations.Do you have a shared worksheet in Microsoft Excel 365 containing important data or carefully-constructed formulas you don’t want altered, accidentally or deliberately? Maybe it’s equipment part numbers, or a shipping-cost calculation.

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I know you can lock cells and then protect the sheet, but by doing this, those that enter information after the first can't re-lock the sheet. About 50 people will have access to the sheet and each will have to type information into one row.This only happened after it was edited and made into a macro enabled document.When two or more users view the same Google Spreadsheet and one of them filters the data by a column, that filter is immediately applied for the other users as well.In that case I would recommend using tools like Web Ex, Go Meet Now, Gotomeeting, RHUB web conferencing servers etc. They allow you to have revisions as well as see who makes the changes and who is actively in the document.spreadsheets, plus all kinds of other excel resources, such as tests, tutorials and more: https:// Plus, this free "Excel Shortcuts Cheat Sheet" https:// Enjoy! They have some limitations as well, the biggest being is that it isn't Excel. Google docs is a good option but it does not allow one to share spreasheets separately, and the other biggest limitation is its ability to work with large data file.