Tsw chronicle not updating

Mu Legend is launching its open beta worldwide in summer 2017, according to the official website.Sign-ups for beta are still open on the website, which might hint at another round of closed beta testing before summer, but it is good to know the global version is launching soon!

The Secret Worlds Legends Twitter has been updated with this post, "As a thank-you for your support in TSW, you are invited to a head start of Secret World Legends beginning on June 23rd".Long-time fans may know about these differences, but since this topic isn't discussed very often, I feel we still lack a good place to look them up.This article is an attempt to list all the major editions of Heroes I-IV as well as their important features, gathering them into one guide.There’s already a lot of good information out there on the Internets about gear, glyphs, and how to acquire it.Most of the posts about it are highly technical, throw a lot of numbers around, and generally don’t tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.