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Hope someone would shed some light for me on this matter. I would like to share to you that you have the same case with my husband.

He was still single when he applied for immigrant visa year 2001, We got married june 2004, on the same year, he updated his application and marital status, i also submitted all the necessary documents needed.

Moreover, what happens if you move from New York to a state that does not have such a law?

updating may maritals status and application)would cause my waiting time to be longer?

The only way you can meet this responsibility is by updating your marital status, address, email, passwords, and name (if applicable) everywhere you do business.

Imagine these consequences: Just as important as updating key documents is changing your beneficiary designations, particularly on your life insurance, bank and retirement accounts, and your will. New York has a law that automatically revokes property dispositions, such as in a will, as well as insurance and retirement beneficiary designations.

However, the application of that law could have unintended consequences.

This is particularly true if either (1) you have not provided a secondary beneficiary in these matters or (2) you still want your ex to receive your property or serve in the designated role (ex.- executor) despite your divorce.